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Dec 22, 2006

Rejuvionate Water Filtration Bottle


This unit provides over 200 gallons (over 750 liters) of ultra-filtered high-quality water for your drinking pleasure. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,600 16 oz. bottles giving you a savings of over $1,660 on average when compared to today’s typical bottled water prices!Unit holds: 20 US Fluid Oz. (591 ml)


Water…the amazing liquid that sustains life.

We swim and bath in it, wash with it, cook with it, irrigate with it, mix with it, flush with it, and so much more each and every day of our lives. With billions of humans now living, these common uses are multiplied by billions! And when we are finished with the water, we simply dispose of it by pulling the plug or draining it away. But, have you ever really wondered where all that water came from and where it went when you were finished using it?

The answer is found in the Water Cycle, a fact that has been well-known by scientist for centuries. The Water Cycle is amazing, to say the least. If you believe that the water you used today came from “fresh” water, then think again!

The water we see and use today has been around for millions of years simply by being recycled over and over again. The Water Cycle is a continuous process. The clouds in the sky are formed by evaporation from the land, seas, rivers, and lakes of the world. The water in the clouds then falls as rain back to the Earth with this rainfall finding its way to holding areas (reservoirs, rivers, and lakes) or it soaks through porous ground such as limestone and sandstone. From these sources, we collect the water and pipe it into our homes and offices for our pleasurable use. When we are finished with it, we discard it as “dirty water” and return it to the local environment to begin its travel back into the Water Cycle once again.

It’s almost odd to learn that the water in the fruit you ate yesterday may have fallen as rain half-way around the world months ago. And, looking back further into the Water Cycle, the water in that “juicy” fruit you just ate may have been used millions of years ago by a mother dinosaur to bath her baby! Perhaps it was used a century ago to wash away the blood on the floor of a slaughterhouse, or wash a set of dirty, germ-laden hands, or cool an engine, or flush a toilet, or…well, you have the vision of how water is used and how it gets recycled over and over.

Water is an incredibly important aspect of our life in that it is essential to good health and even survival, yet it is routinely taken for granted. Some of us may assume that the water we drink from the tap is already cleaned and safe for our body. Maybe we believe that the water the waiter just put on the table came from a clean and safe area in the kitchen and that it was piped to the restaurant through sterile underground pipes. At least we hope that is the case, right? WRONG!

Or, maybe you are part of the ‘bottled water revolution’. You believe that the bottled water you buy every day is clear and safe. You envision it coming from picturesque glacial streams high in pure and serene mountains. And that is exactly what the manufacturers want you to believe! In reality, we spend almost $5.00 per gallon for convenient, bottled water (when purchased in individual 16 oz. bottles). And what do we do with the empty bottle once we finished drinking that “pure” “spring” water? Yes, it went into the trash and became an environmental contaminant itself. According to a 2001 report by the World Wide Fund for Nature, nearly 1.5 million tons of plastic are entered into the environment as a result of the bottling of almost 25 billion gallons (95 billion liters) of bottled water produced and sold each year worldwide.

However, a recent study by the USA National Resources Defense Council found that of the 103 brands of bottled water tested, over 25% were found to be nothing more than just tap water filled into a recycled bottle with some facilities being located in the unclean industrial sections of large cities, even next to hazardous waste sites! And, many of the test samples failed minimum bacteria tolerance tests…but since bottled water manufacturers are not held to the same testing standards of municipal water supplies, they simply ignore the test results in favor of higher profits. The study also found that other products that were touted to be “natural” and “pure” were, in fact, tap water that had been coursed through a basic filtration system designed to remove just the odors and tastes, not the other harmful contaminants. Taking it a step further, when thinking of those brands that claim to be “100% Mountain Spring” water…have you ever been to a mountain? Birds fly overhead and relieve themselves while in flight, bugs crawl anywhere and everywhere, bears and deer and other animals routinely put their mouth and nose in the water to drink, or, worse yet, stand in the water to cool off and then urinate. Still thirsty?

With more and more such information becoming readily available, the myth of the “pure” bottled water is starting to hit home for a lot of consumers. Numerous similar studies have concluded that water filtration at the consumer’s Point of Use will provide the best and healthiest solution to the problems of both tap water and bottled water.


Since consumers can’t rely on local water treatment facilities or bottled water manufacturers to deliver refreshing, clean water to their lips, they are turning to alternatives and that is where the ReJuvionate Water Filtration Bottle comes in to save the day! The patented filtration media is considered the most laboratory and field tested product of its kind in the world! Now you can enjoy the refreshing quality of ReJuvionated water, free from unpleasant taste and odor, harmful pathogens, toxic chemicals, and even radiation! Imagine instant pure water with no difficult installation or tools required.

This unit provides over 200 gallons (over 750 liters) of ultra-filtered high-quality water for your drinking pleasure. That’s the equivalent of more than 1,600 16 oz. bottles giving you a savings of over $1,660 on average when compared to today’s typical bottled water prices!

Amazing filtration technology delivers an incredible array of contaminant removals. Removes harmful chlorine, ammonia, lead and other heavy metals, synthetic and volatile organic chemicals, trihalomethanes, cysts and other water-borne parasites known to cause flu-like symptoms for most but can be fatal to small children and the elderly, and so much more while it continues to meet the most stringent contaminant removal regulations known to exist.

This phenomenal water aid removes turbidity and sediment along with microscopic particles that cause water cloudiness, unpleasant taste and odor in water. Removal of all foreign contaminants can serve to actually enhance the natural mineral balance of water.

The ReJuvionate Water Filtration Bottle could be the last line of defense between your body and the over 2,100 known toxins that may be present in your current drinking water supply.

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