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Nov 27, 2009

Max Contraction - Body Building Tutorial DVDR

Welcome to Max Contraction his approach to rational, efficient education to train your mind and body. In the world of fitness and bodybuilding, John has been responsible for no less than three revolutions in how people view productive exercise. His first two books (Power Factor Training and Static Contraction Training, written in conjunction with Peter Sisco) pointed out many of the fallacies and deceptions that had become entrenched as dogma within the bodybuilding and fitness industries and then offered a scientific alternative to the issue of building human strength and muscularity. More recently, John's latest book, Max Contraction Training (McGraw Hill, 2003), has further refined and improved upon these approaches and established that productive and efficient training for the purpose of building human strength requires a workout lasting no more than 10-60-seconds of actual training performed but once a week.



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