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Nov 23, 2009

Serif PagePlus X4 v14.0.0.17

When you create publications, you inevitably do more than just layout and print the page. You write text, design graphics, enhance images, import content, and more, then share your work in print, as PDFs, or as emails.PagePlus X4 makes all this easy, it’s a publishing package designed to be as flexible as you are.

PagePlus X4 is the all-in-one desktop publishing solution.

* Open and edit documents from anywhere with impressive PDF editing
* Get great results fast using templates, ready-made artwork, and learning zone videos
* Create virtually any document type with a massive range of publishing possibilities
* Be compatible with images, graphics, text files and your chosen print shop
* Edit and enhance photos with an impressive built-in PhotoLab
* Design logos and other artwork without leaving PagePlus X4
* Print at high quality on desktop printers, at any size, even double-sided



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