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Dec 2, 2009

G DATA Internet Security 2010

NEW: Top security with no loss of PC performance!
A new era is beginning: For the rest time, the usual optimum high security from G Data InternetSecurity is completely undetectable. Self-learning, Fingerprinting and whitelisting accelerate the test-winning protection so that PC performance remains completely unaffected

Maximum security from the record test winner:

* Constant optimum virus detection
* For many years the quickest response time to new viruses
* The latest methods for detecting unknown viruses (behaviour blocking, heuristics, cloud security)

Simple user guidance - ideal for beginners:

* With new “one click” user interfaces - everything at a glance
* Automatically carries out all protection functions undetected in the background
* Silent firewall without annoying querying

New, faster, more secure and even better!G DATA InternetSecurity 2010 is a highly competitive and convincing product in the anti virus marketplace with its significantly improved performance , optimised security and completely unnoticeable and silent fire-wall. The new functional design and intuitive user guidance promises even more surfing pleasure for all including gamers! And the functional design and new, intuitive user guidance promises even more genuine surfng pleasure - including for gamers.

G DATA AntiVirus
• DoubleScan: top award-winning virus detection
• OutbreakShield: immediate protection against new viruses
• Behaviour monitoring: detects active malware in the absence of sig-natures and heuristics.
• New heuristics detect even more unknown viruses
• Improved protection against viruses, worms, rootkits, spyware, dialers, trojans, backdoors and much more
• Virus blocker for email and instant messaging

G DATA Personal Firewall
• Award-winning protection against attacks
• Very easy to use thanks to new configurations
• Four security levels or expert mode
• When gaming: switches automatically to autopilot for invisible firewall protection

G DATA AntiSpam
• Enhanced by language blocker: detects and blocks up to ten different email languages.

G DATA Parental Controls
• Individual user profiles, blocks offensive or unsuitable content and much more
• Keyword filter for full text searches (expandable)

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