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May 9, 2007

Education Training System For Kids

Children will learn all the basics of operating a computer with these complete and informative educational disks. Your PC is the building block upon which kids can learn more about using the Internet, word processing, and more to aid in their education, or just to have some play time. From the simplest action of shutting down the computer to the more complex actions like making shortcuts on the desktop, these CDs will be the roadmap to your child exploring the versatility of their PC.

The Internet Disc for our Juvio Kids ETS series covers everything a child needs to know to use the internet safely and securely. Lessons are geared towards the basics of browsing the internet including chatting and emailing with their family and friends, along with using the internet as an aid in research for schooling and educational purposes. Children can learn, play, and enjoy what the internet has to offer with safety along with what is most important: your peace of mind!

  • How to set Favorites
  • How to Send Instant messages in AIM
  • How to send a File as an Attachment in Outlook Express
  • How to Browse the Web
  • What is a Username and Password
  • How to Manage Messages in outlook Express
  • And Much More!

Click here for Juvio Kids CD Presentation

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