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Feb 25, 2009

Multiple Login For Yahoo Messenger....!

We often had to share a single computer with more than one person particularly when we are surfing internet in cyber cafe or when we are using internet from our school or college internet lab most of the time we had to share a single computer with more than one person and the problem arise when we try to login to some online chatting client like Google Talk or Yahoo Messenger ...

Anyway as far as Yahoo Messenger is concerned I got a cool and simple tricks in which multiple user can log in to Yahoo Messenger from from a single computer....!

Follow the steps....!

1. Click Start > Run > Regedit > Enter
2. Then go to:-
3. In right side panel right click > create a new Dword value > Name Plural > value 1.
4.close the registry editor > restart your computer

Thats all.. You are done....!
For signing in with new YAHOO ID open another messenger open as many messengers you need and if you want to disable this feature then open registry editor > change Plural value 1 to 0.

Isn't It Cool ...? I liked it but waiting for others reply..!

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Ana said...

Hey, di ko nakuha to. Ang hirap, ano ba yan? Ang multiple users can login sa yahoo messenger using different log in ids? Wow! Ang fancy naman. Thanks for the tip!

rl_antoni79 said...

its so easy just follow the steps and instructions on my post.. remember to use older version of yahoo messenger

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