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Dec 21, 2009

tracing IP address in yahoo messenger

Download these small softwares if you like to. These softwares are completly free of cost. Use and distribute as you like.

:: Free software
TCP Info - IP Address tracing software

TCP Info - Trace the stranger

TCP info a small software by which you can have a trace on the IP address and location of the person to whom you are chatting with. It works on all instant messenging softwares like yahoo messenger

, msn messenger, google tak etc.

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How to use?

Using TCP Info is quite simple. Just turn the software when u are online.this will show the ip address of the computer to which u are connected.sometimes there will be hell lotaaa entries. try to close as much as application as possible. and then refresh the software

to make new entries.if u are lucky it will show the ip adddress of the person to whom u are chatting with.. copy the ip address ( hope u know the format )its something like .. copy it then press check ip.ur ip will be automaticaly pasted in the box in the search box Then check for the ip.if geobytes is still freee then u weill get the location of the person whom u are chatting.

:: Free software
Online IP Address Tracing

IP Tracking - online version

if you know the IP Address , view the online Map showing the location on the IP Address. This is a beta project and the result is not cent percent accurate.

Trace IP Address on Google Map >>

:: Free software
LAN Messenger Software

LAN Messenger

Send messages through LAN. try this free software


Click here to download LAN Messenger >>

:: Free software
Mobile/ Cell number trace

Trace Mobile/ Cell Numbers

Locate the service provider and location of Indian mobile numbers. GSM and CDMA providers supported.
Search through the database of Indian mobile numbers and locate them..

Trace Indian Mobile/ Cell Numbers Online >>

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